Local Internship Program

Whether one is a college student set on achieving individual career goals or a high school student exploring a possible career interest – Hawker Pacific Aerospace can assist an intern to gain the professional skills and experience they need to stand out!

The Hawker Pacific Aerospace Internship Program offers a unique opportunity for growth, learning, and meaningful work experience. Our Local Internship Program provides an opportunity to earn money while continuing education, to train with people who manage the day-to-day business of the company, and to combine individual academic study with on-the-job experience.  

General requirements

The intern semesters mirror that of the school year, with the spring term extending from late January through May, the summer term from June through August, and the fall from September through December. During the fall and spring sessions we require a minimum of 20 hours per week and in the summer 30 hours per week. 

Depending on the intern's interest, skills, knowledge, and abilities, an intern can choose between two program options the Employment Experience Program (EEP) or the Applied Studies Career Experience Program (ASCEP). Each program provides on the job training but has a different emphasis, with one being project focused and the other focused upon detailed knowledge of a specific job function. 


Evaluation procedures are important to the Hawker Pacific Aerospace Intern Program. They are used to: judge how well the intern understands Hawker Pacific Aerospace policies and programs; to gain an impression of the intern's ability to express themselves; to determine whether the intern's target position is appropriate; to evaluate the intern's training and determine its overall effectiveness; and to measure the intern's performance against criteria established in the company. This evaluation is a tool interns can use as a reference when pursuing future employment opportunities.

Hawker Pacific Aerospace is always interested in finding talented people who have the skills needed to meet our future employment needs.  Upon successful completion of the internships; the interns may be eligible for placement in a regular full-time position within the company.