Mission, Vision and Values


Our Mission is to provide unique landing gear services to customers worldwide by exceeding their expectations in service and value. Our products must have the highest quality, and delivery must be on time. We will strive to develop our expertise, bring constant innovation to our specialization, and further enhance our technology leadership. We aim to build a team of professional, well-trained, and motivated employees by fostering knowledge, supporting inspirations, and encouraging improvements. 

Vision and Values

Above all, satisfaction of our customers drives HPA's vision and values. The HPA team is committed to be the choice landing gear and components overhaul provider for its customers. Highly qualified and quick responding individuals form our teams that are able to deliver reliable and world class services. These competencies are the basis for long term customer - supplier partnerships.

HPA delivers best value for money through efficiency in overhaul processes, DER-Repairs, PMA-Usage and experience. Other pillars of success are maximal flexibility, reliability, outstanding quality as well as the excellent customer service. The combination of curiosity, knowledge and enthusiasm leads to new solutions and improved processes.

Initiative and Responsibility, these are HPA's core values. We are more than a mere sum of employees and machinery; we are an accumulation of bright ideas, personal drive, and gut instincts. Hawker's success is driven by each individual's step forward. Our culture of mutual Trust, Fairness, Communication, Performance, and Innovation thrives in each day's operations.

Our curiosity leads us to innovation!

Ever mindful of the price pressures our airline customers face, HPA constantly explores innovative operations to achieve greater cost savings that can be passed on to our customers.