Regional Airline Services

An aircraft's importance is not measured by its size. We know first-hand that regional aircraft are a vital part of today's commercial aviation industry. Modern regional aircraft offer unmatched operational flexibility and bring the comfort, passenger appeal, good economics and performance of their larger "cousins" to the 50-130 seater level. 

Quality for a Demanding Market

Regional airlines operate in a highly demanding market environment. Passengers have come to expect the same quality and reliability from regional operators as they do from mainline carriers. In addition, the general pressure on cost calls for maximum efficiency in every aspect of the business. For this reason, Hawker Pacific Aerospace has created a portfolio of products tailored to the needs of regional aircraft operators. 

Combined Expertise

Hawker Pacific Aerospace has been looking after a steadily growing number of modern regional aircraft for more than twenty years. This experience has grown to encompass a wide-ranging service portfolio. This portfolio is offered by Hawker Pacific Aerospace and all other Lufthansa Technik Group members for regional airlines and their specific requirements today.